who we are

Basically, we are all volunteers. Kids Of Poverty project is non-profit. It is also not financially supported by any groups, NGOs or governments. All of us contributors at KOP, contribute from our own personal time and solely on a volunteer basis withour any financial gain.

We come from a diverse background but all united with a passion to help the helpless. Some of us are writing professionals in our daily lives, some engineers, some musicians and some do photography for a living.

Kids Of Poverty was started in 2011 by Fardad Jabbary and entered the cyber space with a website and presence in social media. For about two years the project had a steady but slow growth due to the sole contribution. Back then, the development of the project became possible by cooperation of photographers Fardad found online (from the US to India and the Philipinnes). It was evident from the beginning, however, that to grow the project and target a bigger audience, more contributors would be needed. Therefore, Kids Of Poverty v.2 was born in 2013 - this time with a vengence!

At our current state, we have a lively set of writer and photographer contributors - but we want more! Explore around to see what good you can do, at your leisure and convenience.

what we do

Our mission is to raise the general public's awareness of poverty amongst children in the world.

So what do we do? We do good - we do what we can. This is a growing project and we have lots of ideas in mind.

So part of our mission is to:

  • Write articles
  • Engage people in social media
  • Try to familiarise people with the travesty that poverty is
  • Remind people that poverty is a vicious cycle making it almost impossible to get out of
  • Put emphasis on the fact that without proper infrastructure in place in disturbed areas, poverty cycle cannot be broken
  • We do not engane in any kind of donation collection - so people aren't afraid to listen to us!

Amongst our upcoming projects is some in-print work: printed flyers and brochures put up in public places such as coffee-shops and hospitcals to help our mission.
However, given that our project is independent with basically no financial backbone (we pay for everything from our own pockets), feats like this take a while longer to materialise.

what you can do

You can join us! The more people work on a good cause, the faster it will spread and the more good it can do.

So if any of the following relates to you, get in touch:

  • You are good at writing
  • You have a passion for helping others
  • You are frustrated about the scale of poverty in the world
  • It bothers you that 1/3 of the food produced in the world goes to waste and yet children are dying in the thousands every single day due to starvation and malnutrition
  • You want some (online) volunteer experience
  • You are a photographer and would like to contribute some photos to the project (this is always needed)

If you are interested in joining us, get in touch! Surely there is something you'd be interested in doing.

get in touch

why join us?

That is a question you can answer best. As a species, we are getting farther and farther away from our kind selves. Constant exposure to disasters and catastrophies is making us less sensitive towards the terrible mass-scale and preventable brutal adversities in the world.

So why join us?
Because we do what we do out of our own free and for no financial gain. Because we are not affiliated with any group, company or government. Because we are the crowd itself, we are the people. And most importantly, because we care.

You may wonder what good we actually do if we don't collect any donations. There are many charity organisations out there to do that - and they mostly do a great job. But we, however, intend to promote the cause, make more and more people aware of what is going on. Make people aware that thousands and thousands of helpless children are dying every single day due to no fault of their own.

help break the chain