• Fardad Jabbary, Kids Of Poverty contributor Fardad Jabbary
    I am the lead engineer and designer of Costa Core, the maker of Kids Of Poverty website. I am also the founder of KOP. Thanks to all the other contributors, we now have a lively and active project in full motion... this is very exciting!

  • Alexandra Zaralis, Kids Of Poverty contributor Alexandra Zaralis
    The D.R.E.A.M.S. Team at U of T is dedicated to helping students at the University of Toronto experience culture in the mountain villages of the Dominican Republic.

  • Laura Vilaça, Kids Of Poverty contributor Laura Vilaça
    I am a journalist, currently living in Hamburg, Germany. Apart from Kids Of Poverty project, I do collaborate on other websites and blogs - as a journalist, writing is not only a hobby, but a passion for me!

  • Claire Snook, Kids Of Poverty contributor Claire Snook
    I'm a graduate of the University of Manchester's Creative Writing MA and have written my first novel. I'm represented by the Darley Anderson Literary Agency. I also review books for Bookmunch in my spare time.

  • Shahrad Fredotti, Kids Of Poverty contributor Shahrad Fredotti
    I started Kids Of Heaven (which has now merged with Kids Of Poverty) a few years ago. I take photographs for leisure and write articles about poverty. I am mainly a writing contributor however. Looking forward to have KOP going in full motion soon!


  • Jonathan Ng, Kids Of Poverty contributor Jonathan Ng
    V. Studio Photo + Videography Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

  • Sias van Schalkwyk, Kids Of Poverty contributor Sias van Schalkwyk
    I used to hunt with a rifle, but I have changed my weapon and I now hunt with a CANON. The beauty that you see once you have captured the moment, is often missed, when it passes by without being noticed.

  • Einreb Hidalgo, Kids Of Poverty contributor Einreb Hidalgo
    Corps d'Elite Photography & Videography 2463 Tolentino St. Pasay City, 1300 Pasay City, Philippines 1304 Pasay City, Philippines